Lobby Display Essential Oils
Lobby Display, Essential Oils

Pre-loaded doTERRA videos for in-lobby display. Surface or wall mount, includes remote... VIEW »

Reimbursable Convenience Injection Kits
Reimbursable Convenience Injection Kits

Prescription drug convenience injection kits are available for ordering here on... VIEW »

Lido Flex Pain Patch
LidoFlex Patch

The new LidoFlex Pain Relief Patch has set an industry standard in delivering targeted pain relief to the sight of your patient’s pain. Infused... VIEW »

Quarter Dram Sample Vial
1/4 Dram Sample Vials (144ct)

Quarter-Dram Sample Vial great for sharing your essential oils! Each vial holds 1/4dram (~1mL) which is about... VIEW »

dynatronics solaris 925 6 channel stim ultrasound
Dyantronics Solaris 925 5-Channel Combo

The Dynatronics 25 Series is designed for maximum capability, ease of use, and competitive price... VIEW »

Spectrum Medical Stim Pads
Spectrum Medical Stim Pads - 2"x2"

Its time you took a second look at your electrodes. Modern hydrogel stim pads should durable, ... VIEW »

Comfortland Endeavor 31/37 Back Brace
Comfortland Endeavor L0637 Back Brace

The Comfortland Endeavor L0637 Back Brace is our most popular lumbosacral orthosis (LSO) with... VIEW »

hill ha90md feature image
Hill HA90MD Barrier Free Power Exam - Procedure Chair

The Hill 90MD is a deluxe power exam / treatment chair with a host of specifically... VIEW »

DTSP1 Dynatronics Thermostim Probe
Dynatronics Solaris Plus ThermoStim Probe

The first of its kind, the revolutionary Dynatron ThermoStim Probe combines cold or heat… VIEW »

Hill Air Flex

The Air-Flex is perfect for doctors who want a full-featured manual flexion and distraction chiropractic table (air-controlled) with the... VIEW »

Alliance Stand Aid

The Alliance Stand Aid is a transport assist unit which keeps residents active and engaged in the lifting process. Transport is quick and... VIEW »

Full Body Patient Lift, Chattanooga Alliance

These devices enable the caregiver to lift patients whose mobility is very limited by using battery or hydraulic... VIEW »

BIOFREEZE Pain Relief Products
BIOFREEZE ® Pain Releiving Products

BIOFREEZE is an extremely effective topical pain reliever. BIOFREEZE is used in pain management... VIEW »

Premium Exam Table Paper, Crepe, 18" X 125'

BodyMed® Premium Exam Table Paper provides sturdy, durable protection for most… VIEW »

Aroma Wrap, Plush Series
Aroma Wrap, Plush Series Neck Wrap

Aroma Wrap aroma therapy wraps provide soothing heat and aroma from your favorite essential oils. Each... VIEW »

Tri-Wave Light Pad_light on
Dynatronics Tri-Wave Dual Light Pad

The Dynatronics Solaris Tri-Wave dual light pads deliver any combination of 3-wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and... VIEW »

Power Plate My7
Power Plate My7

More than 250 customized programs and more than 1,000 individual exercises. The Power Plate my7 is the pinnacle of our unique... VIEW »

SCAN Ultrasound Gel
SCAN® Ultrasound Gel

Our exclusive dual-viscosity formula allows SCAN to be applied as a gel and scan as a fluid. For medical ultrasound... VIEW »

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow Family3
Tri-Core Cervical Pillow Family

Made in the USA, our best selling orthopedic pillow, the Tri-Core, is prized for its ability to help relieve neck pain... VIEW »

Theratrac TT100 pneumatic lumbar brace product review by Spectrum Medical, Inc. This is a coded L0631 lumbar brace. Available in four sizes from small to x-large.